Five years of La Piazza 1 Italian Restaurant

It was good to say hello to El Bu who owns and started La Piazza 1 in Fishponds five years ago. This lovely restaurant in Fishponds has been great from the area since the day they opened. I said hello as they were preparing for opening back in the early days and they were extremely friendly and caught me off guard by saying please come in & insisted I had a free coffee while showing me around and explaining how they’ve ovens coming from Italy for the best Pizza possible and much more. As the years have passed I’ve popped in a couple of times a year for food and and every time it’s been mouthwatering, the service, the tasté, the smells and the celebrations of people’s birthdays in the restaurant have been great.

Today was the starter and main meal special for £9.95 and some delicious olives. The choice is vast, the meals are delicious and the environment is ideal.

Some people had takeaway coffee as well, I asked a staff member if people can use La Piazza 1 for just a coffee after seeing they do floater coffee and you’re very welcome. The Fox Den in Stoke Gifford is the only other place I’ve seen locally that still offer them.

Would I recommend La Piazza 1, yes of course and with every single forkful of food.. Fishponds is lucky to have them.

As we finished our meal more fresh produce was being delivered to the restaurant in a nice fresh produce wooden carry crate met by the chef


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