New life for old-time pub

Many of you will have heard of and seen The Oldbury court inn. A focal point for the council estate it serves.

Over the years it has seen many landlords, some good some not so good. One thing it has never been known for in a big way is for serving good wholesome food.

It is known as a drinking pub. That’s about to change, the new owners have said. “We want to encourage families to come and enjoy a meal, join one of the planned groups we have and enjoy live music” food will be served 12noon till 9pm daily. We are told they have “kids eat free” Monday to Friday with a great price for kids weekends.

The new owners currently also.

own The Crown and also the Ship in Keynsham. The Oldbury court inn would make a trio of local independently owned pubs. The refurbishment is extensive, from new decor, toilets and disabled facilities, something that had been lacking under old management times.

“We are hoping The Oldbury court inn will become a big focus for the local community and beyond”

The new owner (David) who I spoke with along with his business partner (Luke) who did much of the refurbishment and the landlady (Deb). Told me “we don’t want to see some of the old practices return, we want it to be a friendly, family location, think Brewers Fayre” in feel, they told me “we want to lose the reputation of a drinkers pub” and “we want to become a safe environment for community and we have retained the local pool, darts and skittles teams” we don’t want to discourage regulars. However we want to try and avoid the trappings of all day drinkers which can lead to antisocial behaviour and attention to the pub from locals and police which we don’t want. They told us “we have had promising discussions with local police”.

While discussing the community aspect we were told too that.

“We are aware that there is little for the younger children to do on an evening and so we will be opening a community hub for the under twelves. A small fee to cover our costs of 50p and we will also have child snacks to buy for example small portions of chips and such” They also told us ” we have a really large function room which we hope will be used by community groups. Currently we have a martial arts group joining us. We would like to have regular groups every day of the week”

The grand opening of the new look pub is 12noon on 10th August.

We are told they have live music, bouncy castle and a BBQ to welcome

you all to the new look.

They also have a website on which we are told will be special offers and discounts vouchers for customers to print off and use from time to time.

“Over the next few days we also have new signage and a new logo for the pub” They also told us they are recruiting staff and would welcome locals to apply.

Overall the plans for the Oldbury court inn sound promising…..

5 replies to “New life for old-time pub

  1. Would be lovely to see the old pub back to what it was a decade or 2 ago.. When the Crowleys had it.. Was a family run pub with the right crowd in and the wrong crowd not allowed in!! Family disco’s, quiz nights, BBQs.. fresh flowered hanging baskets.. They had pride in their pub. Popped back in the old pub a few months back.. Was drug dealing going on in broad day light.. They didnt even have the decency to hide it!!.. Sofas outside looking all tatty. Was so sad to see how downhill it had gone. Fingers crossed the the new owners get it back to how it was. Good luck 🙂


  2. would love to see this pub restored back into the community the way it was in its hey day when the Crowley family ran it, I wish the new landlord and landlady all the luck in the world because it will be a hard task to do, the pub has a very bad reputation for drug dealing, also at the moment it is sad to see how run down it looks with so much litter all around the outside of the pub and rubbish in the car park,they would have to get a ‘bad lot’ out to get a ‘good lot’ in, there are lots of people in and around Oldbury Court that would love to see this happen.


  3. My dad lives just around the corner. I grew up in shepherd road. Be really nice to take dad in for tipple when I am visiting.
    I remember going to a couple of weddings in the seventies.
    Good luck with the opening.


  4. According to the new tenants of the Oldbury Court your article about them was a total falsehood. It was fabricated by yourselves regarding their statement that they don’t wish to accommodate the old regulars, who were drinkers but would welcome diners.
    I find this completely against the whole concept of why the hostelry was built. It is, and will be, not a “Brewers Fare” but a community pub for the locals who reside in the area. Why alienate the community especially those of us who have used it for over forty years.


    1. If they feel that way they are of course able to contact myself. they did tell me, they wouldn’t have people standing at the bar drinking all day, drugs or anti social behaviour. They also told me they wanted community groups to use their facilities and discourage all day drinking and would welcome more families and individuals for dining.


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