Christmas in Bristol

Christmas in and around Greater Fishponds is super. As our pubs, cafés and restaurants introduce their festive menus, life along the Frome Valley changes from autumn to winter with an explosion of colour, happy smiles from people walking and cycling and pets soon enjoying life in the snow.

The Bristol Shopping area Christmas market’s are now open and in full swing at the end of our Frome Valley wildlife corridor with holly bushes and Christmas trees found along the way.
Staple Hill, Downend and Kingswood in South Gloucestershire always see their own centres try to make Christmas special with festive displays bringing their own centres to life while Fishponds retail experience sees Christmas trees above the shops and displays in the retail windows.

Looking for Ice skating?  Then head to central Bristol and millennium square passing near Park Street for another great display of colour.

Not forgetting the true message that Merry Christmas brings, our churches are open for carol services, festive treats, local markets and to make the most of such a special time of the year.  Not forgetting other faiths, remembering that Islam sees Jesus as a Prophet and shops along Stapleton Road are open for when all other centres are closed for any food and presents throughout the festive period and in to the new year 2020.

dachshund dog wearing a red sweater

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