New path a year on from Fishponds to Stapleton

It took a decade but we got there in the end, our new path from Half Penny Bridge in the Frome Valley to College Road in Fishponds to help primary and secondary schools and 1000s of all other users in now completed. In the end lots of people are thanked by keeping up the pressure to make sure this happens with the money we found.
This brings our work nicely to an end. It’s been good to serve you all since 2008 where initially it all started as website resource for Hillfields and grew to become the Greater Fishponds area website. During those 12 years we have started community orgs such as The Begbrook Retirement Club to help older people across Greater Fishponds and The Hillfields Community Trust which hosted a number of large community events such as Diamond Jubilee in HIllfields Park and saved both Hillfields Library and Hillfields Youth Centre from closure and possible demolition. This website will stay here now and sometimes be updated ad hoc. We wish you all well.

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