RIP Denise James and thank you.

As I write this today it’s Denise James birthday, Dee sadly died in 2019 after a battle with cancer. A similar amazing lady like Julie of Community Resolve who also died of cancer and championed the community events & youth issues, both ladies helped St George area as well.

For most in Fishponds, Denise will not be someone they have heard of, she was an employee of Bristol Council and a volunteer for Britain in Bloom. Between 2011 and 2016 Dee dedicated her time to areas of East Bristol, especially Greater Fishponds where she oversaw parks being updated, new parks, new play equipment, green spaces being made good again and working with volunteer groups to make a real difference.

During 2013 Greater Fishponds won Gold Pennant Award by South West in Bloom and The Spotted Cow Pub on Lodge Causeway won the most floral pub in the South West, this covered an area stretching all the way to Truro in Cornwall and for Fishponds to have reached this and then actually won is the biggest surprise ever from where Fishponds was just years earlier. If ever there is a time for closure of the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership (parish council) then it’s with this final post. RIP Denise James and thank you from us all. The pictures and film below is thanks to Dee’s time in Greater Fishponds. Katie Haydon and Abdul Razak Dahir who led the partnership are always thanked as well and we wish them well.

Thank you Denise James and Katie Haydon

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