About us

Today this is a website which exists to help signpost members of our wonderful community to resources to help people enjoy a better life in the area and promote so much of what our beautiful corner of the city offers and has offered with a fascinating history going back over 1000 years, from an area of Kings to an area of social housing and parkland on what were once stately homes and palaces just 200 years ago.

Now well over ten years since our project was founded as a website for Hillfields as the largest deprived community in the area with a boundary shared with Oldbury Court Estate, Staple Hill, Meadow Vale and Eastville, it soon grew to cover the three wards of Hillfields, Frome Vale and Eastville and support the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership which was the closest the area has ever had to being its own Parish Council and pride of place like never felt before in the wider joined up community but sadly politics always gets in the way of progress and the Neighbourhood partnership model ended in 2017 at the first opportunity by the Labour administration who seem to only like the idea of power sharing when they aren’t in overall power. Anyway, on wards and upwards, we move on to help the area in other ways.

We have achieved so much over the past 12 years with new paths to help people especially the connections from College Road to Half Penny Bridge in the Frome Valley  and cycling/walking provision through UWE Glenside Campus from Broom Hill to Manor Road and we’ve had the Railway Path being restored in places with new walls and better looked after. Community rooms are now made available in new and existing buildings, and we’ve saved youth buildings and created clubs for older people through to online groups for our parks and other groups for topics all across the community.

There are so many projects out there in the three wards today, with more time it would be great to list everything happening and available to join in the wider community here.  Maybe one day when the need returns a project similar to Neighbourhood Partnerships will be born again.  The Green Party is today in early 2020 leading the way on this by setting up People’s Assemblies all across the city and stage one has already been passed with approval by City Hall.  It will be very interesting to see how these evolve and hopefully they will not be politically short lived because political parties fear power sharing with ordinary people.