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RIP Denise James and thank you.

As I write this today it’s Denise James birthday, Dee sadly died in 2019 after a battle with cancer. A similar amazing lady like Julie of Community Resolve who also died of cancer and championed the community events & youth issues, both ladies helped St George area as well. For most in Fishponds, Denise willContinue reading “RIP Denise James and thank you.”


Labour has never delivered on their swimming pool promise but lost £50M on Bristol Energy which wasn’t even their promise.

In 2004 Speedwell Swimming Pool was closed with a promise to open a new swimming pool as part of the new Bristol Brunel Academy school building, however when the school opened in 2007 by PM Gordon Brown, the pool wasn’t built and the Liberal Democrats made it as part of a six to fix electionContinue reading “Labour has never delivered on their swimming pool promise but lost £50M on Bristol Energy which wasn’t even their promise.”

New path a year on from Fishponds to Stapleton

It took a decade but we got there in the end, our new path from Half Penny Bridge in the Frome Valley to College Road in Fishponds to help primary and secondary schools and 1000s of all other users in now completed. In the end lots of people are thanked by keeping up the pressureContinue reading “New path a year on from Fishponds to Stapleton”

Faith buildings

Explore faith buildings in the wider community. Most have youth memberships attached to them like here at St Johns Church on Lodge Causeway in the heart of Fishponds. 66th St John’s Scouts and Guides group celebrated centenary in recent years along with many other groups in the Greater Fishponds area.  Groups where leaders give upContinue reading “Faith buildings”

Our site is reborn with a new purpose

We are nearly 13 years old. The website all started with a small website for Hillfields back in Spring 2008, the website was created which today would be very much out of date in terms of the technology used but the content would be similar. 10,000 flyers were used to promote the new website inContinue reading “Our site is reborn with a new purpose”

New Children’s Play Area in Frenchay.

The new Town & Village Green in Frenchay offers a new park just meters from the Greater Fishponds boundary for all to enjoy with tennis court membership, picnic tables, beautiful open spaces and lots of seating around the parkland and another new play area with small children’s bmx course at Scholars Chase at the topContinue reading “New Children’s Play Area in Frenchay.”

Greater Fishponds amazing volunteer groups, the fabric of the community.

Volunteers make Greater Fishponds and Bristol the city that it is, these selfless people do not look for credit, they do not chase money, they do not allow politics and greed to get in the way of what they do.  Scout Leaders through to parks groups and faith groups just plough on delivering for theContinue reading “Greater Fishponds amazing volunteer groups, the fabric of the community.”