Frome Valley

The River Frome and heritage estates

Our wonderful Frome Valley starts at Bristol Harbourside and ends near Old Sodbury in the South Gloucestershire countryside or visa versa.  The source is actually in Dodington Park, an 18th-century manor house estate with 51 bedrooms, owned and lived in by James Dyson and landscaped with designs by Capability Brown in 1764. Ref.

Here’s a trail of short image films showing the route area which runs through Greater Fishponds and the social media is run by various local volunteers.

“City of dreams, city of arts, city of aero since the very start. The ship of ships to iconic bridges all found near the tide of tides, feeding in to our harbour floats Bristol’s Pride”


Explore the whole of Bristol’s Harbourside and areas around.. 25 min 2017 film
and see


Easton route is planned for updating after regeneration and upgrade works

Corn Street to Easton and onwards to Eastville in late autumn


Walk towards Greater Fishponds from Cabot Circus to Oldbury Court Estate in Autumn colours

The Stapleton and Frome Valley Conservation Area in Greater Fishponds


Eastville Park throughout the seasons

Walk from Eastville Park to Troopers Hill & the Avon Valley to St George Park


Stoke Park Estate Estate throughout the year

Stoke Park Estate through Eastville Park & Easton to Bristol Harbourside & returning to Frenchay via Bristol & Bath Railway Path, Fishponds shops and Oldbury Court Estate

Sounds of birds singing in Wickham Glen

Eastville Park to Begbrook Green Park via Stoke Park Estate and Snuff Mills.


Snuff Mills and Oldbury Court Estate offers 1000 years of heritage

Feed Bristol, Begbrook Green Park and Frenchay is currently being updated.


Begbrook Green Park and Frenchay Common, Frenchay Moor and Frenchay Town & Village Green


UWE Frenchay Campus in Stoke Gifford to UWE Glenside Campus in Fishponds

UWE Frenchay Campus to Glenside Campus in the Stapleton & Frome Valley Conservation area and to Frenchay, Hambrook and Stoke Gifford 18K walk

Frenchay Common to Lincombe Barn circular

Emersons Green to Snuff Mills by Cycle Route

Hambrook to Winterbourne by riverside

Begbrook to Winterbourne via Frenchay and Stoke Gifford to UWE

Leaving the UWE areas..

Winterbourne to Frampton Cotterell by riverside

Chipping Sodbury to Old Sodbury crossing fields near the source of the Frome

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Christmas in Bristol. Watch a short picture film: