Railway Path Action

Bristol & Bath Railway Path

Half of the Bristol Council run section of the Bristol & Bath Railway Path is in the Greater Fishponds area.
This wonderful Greater Fishponds section park for cycling and walking which stretches from Greenbank Road at exit 17 to the Staple Hill Tunnel near Railway Terrace at exit 34.

Friends of the Greater Fishponds Section… taking action to make our area of the path safer between 2009 and 2015.

Our park passes through the centre of Greater Fishponds and needs a lot of care in order to keep it looking pleasant throughout the year and safe for users by ensuring that everything is reported by Fishponds People and action is taken by Bristol City Council. Local crimes can be reported by calling 101 or contract Greater Fishponds Policing Team at our local Police Station: avonandsomerset.police.uk/police-stations/fishponds-police-station

All we need to do is take pictures on our phones or describe the issue in a longer email and send your e-mail to bristolparks@bristol.gov.uk please. Whether it’s litter, dangerous objects, tree branches, path surface damage, fly tipping, ideas such as new paths and safer routes, please contact Bristol Parks and make a difference.
Also visit bristolbathrailwaypath.org.uk

For South Gloucestershire council sections starting from about 20 metres on the Bristol side of the Staple Hill Tunnel please contact South Glos Council southglos.gov.uk

See the map below to understand where the Greater Fishponds section starts and stops.

The Sustrans Volunteer Wardens help to keep our cycleways clean and respectable. Our group for Greater Fishponds also cover the wider area from Saltford near Bath to Bristol Old Market area in St Philips. If you would like to be involved regularly then please visit the following website: volunteering-with-sustrans and for the specific

Railway Path Volunteers.
Help make the Railway Path a safe, clean and beautiful place to visit. Join our community volunteer scheme to carry out practical tasks, wildlife surveys and report problems along your local patch.

Cllr for Hillfields Anna Keen led with Railway Path litter in 2018 by running a January clean up where 17 bags of rubbish was collected on a very damp Saturday 27th January with great volunteers.. Thanks to our ace teams of local volunteers who do this work for our community.
See their work here on Fishponds Clean Streets www.litteraction.org.uk/fishponds-clean-streets

Projects from 2010 – 2015. It’s still hoped that one day Ridgeway Road Bridge area can be made nice, the route remains extremely dangerous.

  • New pathway connecting the Railway Path neat UWE St Matthias Campus with the Frome Valley at Half Penny Bridge costing £102,000.  (Successfully achieved in 2019 after so many years by the Frome Valley team in Fishponds).
  • Clearing of overgrowth at exit 18 on to Rose Green Road at Gordon Road exit in 2012WP_20180510_18_25_34_Pro (achieved and kept clear in 2019)
  • Offensive graffiti on seats, lamp posts and signs between greenbank and Lodge Causeway Bridge (achieved) 
  • New railway path official entrances required at Ridgeway Road bridge and Forest Road bridge to make access safer for people of all ages and abilities. (Nothing achieved and grant for £25k declined. BCC said it’ll be £35k.
  • Litter and broken fencing at Ambassador printing. (private property).
  • New neglected allotments on Marshfield Road. These are now managed by KTS Training. (Success!)
  • Railway path overgrowth and undergrowth kept in good order throughout since 2013
  • Replacement handrails and fire damaged steps at connection with Ridgeway Road Playing Field. (success)
  • Damaged walls rebuilt close between Forest Road Bridge and Staple Hill Tunnel. (success)
  • Cleared overgrowth and undergrowth at exit 18 by Denise James of Clean & Green Team. (success)
  • Life Church cleared the area by Forest Road bridge to help the area with a Hillfields First grant. (success)
  • Hillfields Park Baptist Church cleared lanes near Thicket Avenue bridge. (success)
  • Annual litter pics by Hillfields Cllrs and volunteer teams. (success)

Issues with Ridgeway Road shown below, first raised in 2010 when older people were spotted using this route.

Rose Green Road Bridge Area – This area was cleared in December 2012 but monitor it to ensure that it’s kept cleared for people.


This last campaign to this day has never happened leaving people left to a very dangerous missing route.

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